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Q. A training program that focuses on changing a manager’s assumptions about the value of openness and feedback and making the manager’s behavior congruent with how they think they behave is known as:

A. Double-loop learning


Are you shopping small?

Don’t forget today is Shop Small Business Saturday! Go small, why shop small businesses ?
1. Small businesses has a friendly environment
2. They give back to their community
3. Trustworthy
4. You’re apart of someone else’s dream


Studying for your PHR/SPHR exam, read our blog for daily study questions

A MAJOR factor contributing to the growth of employee benefit program was:
A) unemployment during the Depression of the 1930s
B) wage control during World War II
C) inflation during the 1980s
D) studies showing that benefits increase productivity and reduce turnovers

B) wage control during World War II

Source HRCI

28 Reasons Why I am Thankful

Today is November 28th, Thanksgiving, so 28 things that I’m thankful for:

1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
2. Family
3. My Honey Do 😉
4. Old and new friends
5. A roof over my head
6. Daily blessings
7. Clothes on my back
8. Reliable transportation
9. Health
10. Electricity
11. Daily meals
12. Running water
13. All my limbs
14. The ability to hear
15. Ability to see
16. My sanity
17. Another day
18. Having had the opportunity to meet and love some amazing people, may they rest in peace and know that they are loved
19. Att&t Uverse. ( I know but if you switched from Comcast to Uverse you understand why )
20. Places I’ve traveled
21. No more back pain
22. Facebook and the ability to connect with old friends
23. Life lessons
24. Happiness
25. Accomplishing my goals
26. Ability to speak
27. Over coming a few of my fears
28. The ability to forgive

That’s it in a nutshell, not in any particular order, but I know that I can surely add a few more items.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!