Happy customers = productivity

As you read our blogs you’ll often come across , our favorite saying “Happy customers = productivity”

Prior to moving up, in my career, I often wondered, why organizations treated their customers better than their employees? I always said I’ll be different.

And so with the start of Kelly’s HR Services my goal was to be different.
We refer to our employees as customers. Why? Because customers are often treated better than employees. We great our customers as they walk into the office, smile, say thank you, and ask if there is anything we can help with ? You see by simply doing these little things, we are building a warm and welcoming company culture, fostering a team environment.

It is well known, that a workplace with a bad culture, experience certain important structures and interpersonal dynamics break downs, such that the organisation as a whole is negatively affected. For example,decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, high turn over, all contributing to higher expenses.

What are some of your views regarding organizational culture?

Have you ever worked in an environment that was complete chaos?

What are your suggestions to foster a happier environment?

What techniques is your organization using to keep its customers happy?


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