Hot Topic Friday

When I first started Kelly’s HR Services (KHRS), I knew I wanted us to be different. By different , I mean, I wanted to be fair in our pricing and services provided, and also, I wanted a company culture in that staff simply did not want to go home.

You see, I was employed by a company in that their turn over rate was double digits each month. Salaries were high but everyone hated coming to work, people feared for their jobs, lawsuits with vendors and former employees was viewed as normal, and nothing ever got done. How they’ve manage to stay open for this long? I’m still unsure.

While I was still employed with X, I decided I would start KHRS, we would target this particular industry, addiction/recovery. After all, there had to be a need , just look at the company I was employed with.

So with that, I started KHRS. I couldn’t compete with the larger professional employment organizations(PEO) but I wasn’t a PEO. We are a human resource firm, that’s what set us apart. We’re any organization’s HR professional without all the extra fees.

I decided that before you can treat the people you must treat the environment. With that I mean, each day as I enter into the office I say good morning to all.

Mondays are Monday Morning Stirrers, where everyone gathers for an hour and discuss what ever they like over a light breakfast.

Tuesdays are Get Ready for the Miami Heat day, or what ever the day the Heat are playing. I’m a Heat fan, half the team isn’t, so I trash their cubicles every morning before everyone arrives with Miami Heat everything thing. From pens to photos. But if the Heat lose, boy do I get it. But it’s fun and engaging.

Each Wednesday there is a break for lunch, lunch is provided at the suggestion of the team of the week winner and we just sit around and shoot the breeze.

Thursdays we sort of lay low because Fridays we’re off. There is a “Its Your Turn” box. Meaning one of our HR professionals are on call in case a customer calls with an emergency or has a question. The person on call pulls an envelope from the box that includes a prize. Prizes range from two free movies passes, gift card to a department store, a day at the spa or even a free night stay in Miami on South Beach.

I offer unlimited sick and vacation time and since we’ve started with this about 4 months ago, no one has missed a day.

The company doesn’t offer an EAP program but we’ve teamed up with a local therapist who owns a listening center and staff is free to attend the listening center at no cost to them. We’ve had nothing but positive responses.

You see company culture for me is everything, if I hear that X company is a great place to work, I contact the company’s CEO and ask to take a tour of their facility, in hopes of brining more joy to my team.

What is your organization doing to maintain a positive company culture ?


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