Help! What would you do

I realized today that entrepreneurship is tough, there maybe times when you may even lose a few friends along the way.

Today I received a disturbing message from someone I considered a friend/mentor, what was disheartening is that I was warned and thought no he is not like that. What hurts so much is that I honestly thought he valued our friendship as much as I did. In addition, what I was confronted with was simply hearsay and not facts, that’s what hurts most.

I’ve heard others tell me business is business , but is that always best. Do you take clients from someone who you thought was a friend simply because business is business? Do you step on each other’s throat because business is business? If you’re asked about a service that you and a friend provide by your friend’s client, do you simply say business is business? And now that I’m hurt do I sign these contracts?

Some would say yes, but I do not wish to do so.


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