Are you studying for the PHR or SPHR? Here is your Wednesday study question

Q. This act’s primary focus was to limit the use of court injunctions.

A. The Norris- LaGuardia Act


Studying for your PHR or SPHR? Here is your Tuesday Question

Q. This type of interview assume that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, and the question focus on what the person has done in previous situations.

A. Targeted-selection interview

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Today’s question:

Q. This law prohibited racial discrimination in hiring, placement and continuation of employment contracts by private employers, union and employment agencies

A. Civil Rights Act of 1866 and 1870

Growing your business with new hires

If the new year could mean new hires for your small business, there’s a lot you must think about. Consider the following:

• job descriptions – Casey Wilson, Retail Industry Manage, asserts the importance of a clear, well written job description: “The position needs to be well defined in how it will contribute to the business’s growth and success. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but direct and to the point with the main responsibilities for the person.”

• Communicate your vision and mission

•Incentivize current employees
Your current employees may be a great resource for new hires. Some business owners, offer cash incentives to employees who refer qualified candidates. If those candidates become part of the team and stick around for a certain amount of time – usually a year – that referring employee gets a little something extra in the next payroll.

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S/PHR Study Questions

Q. Can you define forced distribution?

A. In the forced distribution method (also known as forced ranking), the managers are compelled to force employee performance into a bell-curve system, with a top 10%, next 35%, next 45%, and the bottom 10% (similar to how many public school teachers rank students). In this system, most employees will fall into the middle of the performance spectrum.

Source: Practice Quiz

Today’s S/PHR Study Question

Q. When does a lockout occur?

A. A lockout occurs when an employer shuts down the workplace entrances, keeping employees from working.

Key Takeaway: A lockout refers to a work stoppage during which an employer will physically prevent employees from working. Although employers may sometimes impose a lockdown in protest against slowdowns, typically they are due to issues with unions and negotiations.

Source : Practice Quiz

Happy New Year, are you ready?

Kelly’s HR Services would like to wish you all a New Year.

When we think of the new year, we often view it as a fresh start, a time to clean up shop, do things that we’ve never would have considered before. With that being said are you ready?

Now is the time to clean up shop, get those dreaded employee files in order, review your organization’s handbook and job description to ensure that your risk to exposure is low.

Unsure where to start, let us help you, with a personalized HR audit to determine your organization’s needs.

We look forward to helping you have the best year ever.
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