Sins that supervisors make

I read an article today on the BLR website and thought that I would share. The article discussed the sins of supervisors.

Sin number seven (7) “Not Knowing and Not Enforcing Policies” I found to be intriguing. The article noted supervisors were often too busy, put things off; for example, “Talk to me about that harassment business next week.”

What I have found is that both
supervisors and managers are the front line for interpreting and enforcing the company’s policies, and yet they fail to recognize their role (not all by the way). However, if they themselves are not aware of the company’s policies and procedures, not to mention their responsibilities, as the article stated, even with the best of intentions, they’ll be setting you up for a lawsuit.

As a HR practitioner I am an advocate of communication and training of staff at all levels. An organization with a good on-boarding program and communication tends to out perform those who do not have programs in place.

In the end, I’d say develop a training program that meets the need of your organization, training should be ongoing and don’t forget to communicate with your team at all levels.


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