9 Most Common I-9 Mistakes by BLR

The 9 Most Common I-9 Mistakes

The most commonly encounters the following I-9 mistakes:
1. The employee fails to sign and date the attestation.

2. The employer fails to have the employee complete Section 1 by the first day of employment (that is, the first day for pay).

3. The employee doesn’t check the box indicating status (e.g., U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident), or the employee checks multiple boxes.

4. The translator or preparer doesn’t complete the preparer box.

5. The employer fails to enter acceptable documents on the form, including the document number and title, issuing agency, and expiration date.

6. The employer demands specific documents (e.g., social security card).

7. The employer does not complete Section 2 by the third day of employment.

8. The employer fails to enter the date of hire. This date should match the date on payroll records.

9. The employer representative does not sign, date, and print his or her name on the certification.

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