Risk Management: What’s trending?

After reading the article “Making the Grade” by Robert Ceniceros, we thought we would share.

Ceniceros discusses a new trend making its way into risk management, that is post-offer employment testing.  Basically, in an effort to reduce injuries, many organizations are moving towards a post-offer employment testing (POET). POET basically measures an applicant’s physical ability to perform a job.

Why this new trend? Increased hiring, rising cost of workplace injuries and less physically fit applicant pool. POET may include simulating the lifting, pushing, pulling and other physical activities that make up a job’s essential function.

Employers are making employment offers conditional upon an applicant’s physical ability to perform the activities of the job. In addition, organizations are also using POET to determine when to return an established employee to their duties following a workplace injury.

As with the article we believed that testing may be more beneficial for the most strenuous types of work. If your organization is considering adopting POET start with a pilot program, identifying which job categories to include by reviewing the your organization’s claim history, narrowing down injury frequency and severity of problems.

Side note, testing has been the target of many discrimination cases, in the case of Washington v. Davis the Supreme Court affirmed the legality of valid tests, even if they disqualify a disproportionately larger percent of one ethnic group. In the end, ensure that what you are testing are not only valid but reliable as well, test all applicants for the same position only after a conditional job offer has been made.

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