Don’t Give Up

Today’s blog is about not giving up. A former classmate of mine contacted me today in tears, she has yet to land a job in HR. I understand her frustration but explained that with everything there is an opportunity to learn from it.

I remember graduating from college, then graduate school, being the first in my family to receive both. What a feeling, it was amazing and then boom! I couldn’t find a job in the area I loved most, HR. I was told by others that I should “dumb down” my experiences, I started to do so and yes the interviews began to come in but yet I wasn’t happy.  So I did what I thought was best, I proudly displayed my credentials (MSHR,PHR) on my resume, the calls slowed down but I realized I am okay with that because I am who I am. I am happy.

I explained to my friend/classmate that she should try and turn that energy into something else, what she loves most. For me, it was HR, so I started Kelly’s HR Services (KHRS). With KHRS I am able to grow, while doing what I love most. Ultimately, I would like to provide free, that’s right free, service to start-up and not-for-profit, I want to help people and be happy while doing it.

In the end, I realize for many, that seeking full-time employment is at the top of their list and can be extremely frustrating, but I also feel as though if you can’t be happy in your current situation, then how are you able to display happiness in your search for employment?

Forget about giving up, always look for the positive within the negative and surround with those who are positive, that was my advice to her. 


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