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So we had a candidate to apply for a HR position and received a response to our call via text. At first were taken aback, but then we began to ponder the idea. Why not text potential canidates? 
Texting is now the way of life and a great means of communication. Almost everyone we know have cellphones and the capabilities of receiving and sending text without any additional fees via cellphone, tablets etc. 

So we decided to give it a try for a few of our clients. Reviewing resumes, we texted potential candidates to set up initial interviews, and within just a few minutes of sending the text we received a response. When email responses  were sent or phone messages left, the response time was anywhere between 6-8 hours, and sometimes the next day. 

We point this out to say that there is a new medium in recruitment that as HR professionals and recruiters we should be looking at. 

Research shows that text messages have a 98% open rate, compared to 23% of emails (Jobvite). 

If your organization decide to take the unconventional way of recruiting and start texting, always remember text with caution, keep business hours when doing so, and always keep things professional. 


Located in Mississippi? Here’s your updated withholding and reporting dates. #Taxes #1099 #W2

MS Department of Revenue has issued a release with updated dates for income tax forms. 

Due 1/31/16 – W-2 and 1099-R. Electronic and paper W-2s are due. 

Paper 1099-R (less than 25 EEs) due by 2/29/16

Electronic 1099s due by 3/16/16 

IRS extends ACA reporting deadline for employers. 

IRS extends ACA reporting deadline for employers. 
he Internal Revenue Service on Monday extended the deadline for 2015 Affordable Care Act information reporting, giving employers subject to the requirements some highly-sought after relief.
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