Be considerate 

We often receive calls from potential candidates, leading up to their interview seeking advice on how to prepare for the big day. We often advise the following:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Dress professionally
  • Research the company 
  • Prepare 5-7 questions to ask 
  • Bring at least three copies of your resume 

But what I have found is that employers are too often not considerate of the candidates time. We often forget that the best of the best are interviewing the employer (us) as well. So here is our advice to employers. 

  • Be prepared, review the candidates resume prior to your interview
  • Be punctual 
  • Offer coffee, water, tea etc
  • Conduct the interview in a well lit room
  • Have a copy of the canidate’s resume 
  • Most of all be welcoming – smile. 

Please feel free to share your tips.